Re-register your computer

1st Step

On the home page USER PANEL click the "Login" button. Your login is the same like one you use last semester.
In case you forgot your password click on "I forgot my password" button and enter your login name (firstname.lastname) and the password will be sent to you by e-mail, or come to PCKlub during office hours and we will reset your password.

2nd Step

After you log in the "My Profile" page appears. CAREFULY!!! check the accuracy of your personal information. Check the room number, cell and block you live in and in case update them as needed by clicking on "Update Data".

To check your MAC address, click on the "Network" tab.

3rd Step

If your data are correct or they do not changed continue to the "Documents" section, where you can generate a new contract.

Final Step

You need to come to a room for enrollment on your dormitory with the printed documents.

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